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You may have already used the regular TSP to clean the walls inside your home before painting them or to wash your exterior siding.

But did you know that this product, although economical, had several disadvantages from a technical and environmental point of view? The regular TSP: must absolutely be rinsed before drying on the surface, in order to avoid the phosphate residues remaining there and contaminating it, leading to a reduction in its covering power; must never come into contact with bare wood, at the risk of seeing it take a dark green color; is diluted at a rate of one part of regular TSP to 10 parts of water, which represents a significant amount of phosphate released into nature; leaves phosphate residues that will remain in nature for at least a thousand years before biodegrading. Would you like to find a product that would have comparable functions while being good for the environment? The TSPe Surf-Pro is the solution.

Take advantage of its many other features!

• Degreases bare wood without changing its color.
• No rinsing required, which translates into significant time savings.
• Economical dilution rate of one part of TSPe to 40 parts of water.
• Absolutely does not damage vegetation when used outdoors, for

cleaning house siding, for example.

• 100% biodegradable in about 14 days.
• Gentle on the hands and smells clean.
• Does not damage septic tanks or waterways.